Two hours a day, four days a week, refugees receive academic tutoring and acculturation support from trained volunteer tutors. Volunteers are recruited from many walks of life but the majority are students at local colleges and universities. Working with refugee children is an excellent way to gain real-world teaching experience. In addition to free ESOL and cultural sensitivity training, RYP volunteers develop classroom management and creative problem-solving skills. Volunteers also benefit from a team-oriented atmosphere as they experience new cultures and different perspectives.

“It is just so easy in America to shrug off depressing news reports and go about your life. But while I was volunteering for RYP, I was laughing and playing with these precious children from war-torn countries. And, I began to slowly realize that as humans, we are all connected. The horrors taking place on another continent should matter to us.”
Monica, Loyola College CCSJ volunteer

“RYP prepares young refugees not only to live in the Baltimore City area, but anywhere in the U.S. They learn lessons and values to help them grow and adapt to any environment as sound human beings.”
Saran, Towson University student volunteer

“I really got to know the students and was able to form relationships that allowed them to feel comfortable opening up about their stories. I have done lots of volunteer work in the past but truly this has been the most rewarding!”
-Melinda Martino, Loyola College Volunteer

“It’s great these children have a place where they can feel a sense of belonging, after leaving their home country.”
-Anonymous Volunteer

“RYP provides a strong sense of community for refugee youth by incorporating an emphasis on schoolwork in addition to recreational activity.”
-Anonymous Volunteer

Please contact RYP’s Volunteer Specialist, Brittany DeNovellis at rypvolunteerspecialist@gmail.com for more information.

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Do you work with a refugee or asylee who would benefit by having a one-on-one tutor or mentor and is in 5th-12th grade?

Refer the student to the RYP so a volunteer can meet with him or her 2 hours per week through RYP's Individual Mentoring Component.