Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) provides outstanding educational, cultural, and social experiences to the citizens of Baltimore, the state of Maryland, and surrounding areas. For nearly 30 years, BCCC has provided English language training to meet the critical needs of more than 5,000 refugees who have settled in the Baltimore metropolitan area and statewide. Its range of programs for refugees includes English language training, citizenship preparation, and job skills training. The Refugee Youth Project (RYP) is one of the College’s unique refugee programs.

The Refugee Youth Project began with one site and 12 children and has since expanded to three sites serving over 300 refugee children.

Since 2003, the Refugee Youth Project (RYP) has been providing quality after-school programming for refugee youth pre-K through 12th grades in the Baltimore metropolitan area. The RYP is committed to its mission of creating a safe environment for refugee children to improve their literacy skills, enhance their knowledge of American culture, engage in enriching extracurricular activities, and grow to be confident, caring children.

Goals of the Refugee Youth Project:

  • Furnish homework help, enhancing core academic skills, in a safe after-school space
  • Provide refugee youth general and targeted practice of the English language
  • Prevent high school refugees from dropping out, and assist high school seniors in transitioning to college or a career program
  • Promote creative self-expression to build self-esteem, foster a sense of community among diverse populations and explore themes of identity
  • Educate the Baltimore community about young refugees and their families being resettled in the surrounding area
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Teachers & Administrators

Do you work with a refugee or asylee who would benefit by having a one-on-one tutor or mentor and is in 5th-12th grade?

Refer the student to the RYP so a volunteer can meet with him or her 2 hours per week through RYP's Individual Mentoring Component.